Air and Surfaces Purifier and Disinfection WELLISAIR. Removes 99.9% of all hazardous elements


Surface and Air

Disinfection Unit



 Wellis presents Air purification or disinfection device which not only purifies the air but surfaces too. It is the only device that works with people present in the room.

It is a highly versatile and ambient product and can be used across hospitals, schools, retail stores, corporate offices and homes. When used in an enclosed area, it reaches all open spaces.

It is extremely safe to use and emits no harmful UV radiation. It helps disinfect the room and eliminates bacteria, virus, fungi, micro fine dust and VOCs, and deodorizes the room. It has a compact and ergonomic design which beautifully fits the room. It isn’t a noisy device and produces noise less than 30 db. Wellisair is equipped with a touch screen display and indicators, making it easy and effective to use.

It has two control buttons, one is the ON/OFF button to start or stop the unit and the other is Night mode, which reduces the fan speed and turns off the air quality LED indicator light while the unit is on. The device abolishes bad smell and leaves your surroundings odourless. It reduces PM1, PM5 and PM10 particles from the air and reduces potential allergens. 

Sandy Beach

How Wellisair works?

Easy control and compact design


Cartridge Alarm

Lets you know in

advance when you need

replace cartridge.


Notifies in case of empty cartridge or when improper inserting causes a stop in function.

Night Mode

Minimal noise, quiet

functioning low brightness for comfortable sleep. 

Automatic Operation

Automatically purifies

airborne and surface